In addition to our own production, CVR purchases natural gas from other production companies. We market the production volumes to industrial contracts and other marketing companies often utilizing firm transportation capacity we hold on the Columbia pipeline system.

Production Companies

Pipeline accessibility has become a growing concern for many production companies. Because of our working relationships on the midstream pipelines as well as having industrial customers across multiple markets CVR has the ability to offer producers the best available price for their natural gas supply.


CVR currently has the ability to transport gas on:

Columbia Gas Transmission Pipeline
Columbia Gulf
Texas Eastern
East Tennessee

Delta Natural Gas
Somerset Gas
Jefferson Gas


CVR supplies natural gas to a diverse group of customers across the industrial sector. All of them share the difficult task of managing energy costs. CVR’s priority is to make the right information available at the right time so that its customers can make well informed decisions regarding their energy needs. Timely and meaningful intelligence regarding market conditions, commodity price fluctuations, and available strategic options is essential to good decision making in a volatile market.


Our strategy is simple . . . maintain transparent low costs and provide customer care with honesty, easy accessibility, and timely information being its foundation. We know that our value is first measured by how well, and how quickly we respond to our customers needs.