"The backpack program is an emergency fix to a problem that has defied solution, despite a rising economy and tens of billions of dollars of government spending on nutrition programs, including food stamps, school lunch and aid to mothers and young children.  The war on poverty has changed direction in the four decades since Lyndon Johnson launched it in 1964, and in the decade since Bill Clinton signed a bill that he said would “end welfare as we know it.”  With little appetite in Washington for costly new government –administered efforts to address poverty, all sorts of small scale efforts are springing up: some private funded, entrepreneurial efforts, others government-funded experiments.  None are sufficiently large enough to cure poverty, nor do they pretend to have such an ambitious goal. Instead, they are attempts to make life better for those who live in poverty or to test new approaches to a very old problem"....Wall Street Journal

The Magoffin Co. Backpack program started in 2003 and it currently feeds over 50 hungry children every week. The backpacks are for the most part filled with child-friendly food: nutritious, easy to open and nothing requiring stove top cooking. Empty backpacks are returned by students and refilled for the next week. 

We at Cumberland Valley Resources are always looking for ways to give back to the communities we operate in.  The Magoffin Co. Backpack program was just the type of project we felt we could get behind.