Cumberland Valley Resources, LLC (CVR) is a Kentucky-based, owner operated, oil and natural gas company that was formed in October of 1999.

Presently, CVR owns and or operates a percentage interest in over 50 wells located in Meade and Whitley Counties in Kentucky and Campbell Co., Tennessee. CVR also operates over 200 oil and natural gas wells in Magoffin Co., Kentucky that are owned by a sister company, CVR Holding Company, LLC.

In addition to our own production, CVR purchases natural gas from other production companies. We market the production volumes to industrial contracts and other marketing companies often utilizing firm transportation capacity we hold on the Columbia pipeline system. This allows CVR to get the best available price for its customers as well as its own production.

Our ability to take natural gas from the well head in the field to the burner tip in the industrial sector has given CVR the ability to capitalize on opportunities across the oil and gas industry.

Our mission is to build value by adding value at every phase of our business. This includes prospect generation, land acquisition, drilling, production, marketing, reservoir engineering, finance and administration. We feel that the best way to facilitate our growth is through the acquisition of existing producing wells, while at the same time staying committed to growth through a continued drilling and development program with joint venture partners. While growing our company, we will not compromise our core values of integrity, fairness, trust and social responsibility.